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Property Management Cleaning Services

Property management cleaning services are very important to property managers since it reflects the image of the overall asset. If it is an office building, condo complex, warehouse/distribution or a shopping center, the cleanliness is critical. The quality and consistency of the services need to be performed by a reliable property cleaning company with the know how and experience to meet any challenge. It is worth noting that many of the complaints received by property managers are in relation to the property cleaning services. Tenants expect to occupy a clean and litter free commercial or residential property but will immediately contact the designated management when there are any areas of concern or neglect. Our aim is to eliminate any complaints and maintain a strong rapport with both the tenant and the property manager. We understand the issues that property managers have to deal with every single day. And our goal is to simply do our job professionally and consistently, so the topic of cleaning and janitorial is not one of those problems. The topic of cleaning is  a paramount issue facing both commercial and residential properties. It is incumbent for a  property management company to hire a qualified and established cleaning service vendor. In the end, it will ultimately be a mutually beneficial association for all parties concerned.


Professional & Consistent Cleaning Services

The cleanliness of office buildings, common areas, apartment and condominium complexes is a source of satisfaction or anger for the tenants and their visitors. Property managers and landlords need to make sure that they have hired reliable property management cleaning services in order to keep their property attractive to potential clients. Its always a good idea to keep a vacant space clean and presentable at all times since you never know when there will be a last minute walk through with a potential tenant. A good property cleaning company will not take the responsibility entrusted to them lightly. Additionally, a reliable and effective property management cleaning services provider should be equipped with all the necessary equipment and supplies that are necessary for all janitorial and floor care services that are involved in maintaining all asset types. There will be no surprises and they are able to deliver excellent property cleaning services that meet the demands and expectations of everyone involved.

Cost Effective Cleaning Solutions

Property management cleaning companies will develop a cost effective, comprehensive and detailed property clearing plan based on the facility size, head count, traffic areas, budget as well as any cleaning specifications that are required. This will include all general cleaning services, carpet cleaning and shampooing, floor stripping, waxing and polishing, window cleaning, parking lot areas and general exterior and grounds cleanup to name a few. The entrance and lobby areas are a critical spot when it comes to first and lasting impressions. Property management cleaning services also face the challenge of maintaining the entire facility in the same spotless manner so everyone is satisfied with the overall housekeeping of the property.

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Sustainable Cleaning Products and Consumables

Property management cleaning companies will also provide sustainability with the cleaning products they use each and every day. These products are safe for people, the environment and all of the surfaces that are cleaned. This also rings true with all consumables that are used each and every day in restrooms and break-rooms. Most cleaning companies will also provide porter and matron service if requested by the landlord or property manager to make sure these areas are kept clean during normal business hours. Cleaning providers must also be ready and able to perform special request cleaning services upon request. This may involve clean-ups for large conferences, seminars, parties and any other type of event clean up.

Professional and Friendly Associations

It is important for a property management cleaning service provider to establish and uphold professional and friendly relationships with their staff, tenants and the property managers at all times. This maintains good communication among all parties concerned and makes the job that much easier, effective and enjoyable. Employing well-trained and highly experienced property cleaners and site managers is also critical to any property management cleaning service provider and is the backbone for its success. Complete Care Maintenance is composed of this team and looks forward to providing the maintenance of your asset in New Jersey or Pennsylvania.

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