After 25+ years working in corporate facilities RGC Services is now independently owned and operated.  Our company is dedicated to our customers, providing professional commercial and residential cleaning service.   RGC has been providing superior commercial and residential cleaning services,  carpet cleaning services, hard floor maintenance and window washing services since 2013.  Our affordable cleaning service pricing, hard work and friendly janitorial service staff is what has kept us in business over the last 3 years.  We specialize in professional commercial carpet cleaning services,  office cleaning services and business and residential move in / move out cleaning.  Our facility service cleaning equipment and carpet cleaning equipment is not only state of the art but operated by some of the best commercial cleaning technicians in the business.  We may have cheap cleaning service pricing but our skilled, professional cleaning staff will give your office or home a fresh thorough clean!

Why RGC ?
There are a lot of cleaning companies out there that promise the World but simply don’t deliver.  As a family owned cleaning company we pride ourselves on our detail oriented approach.  We make sure we hit all of the spots the amateur cleaners that work for national commercial cleaning companies miss.  We take pride in our family business and our family name and because our name is on the business, we mean business.  At RGC Services all of our cleaning staff are trained on how to operate our state of the art equipment.  Lastly, all of our cleaning products are geared toward environmental and customer safety.  Our green product line ensures that the air you breathe on the job stays as clean as your office!

Why outsource your cleaning?
That’s a great question and I have an awesome answer!  You see, most of our customers are skilled in different trades or businesses, and most of them get paid extremely well for what they do.  Just like they are skilled at what they do, we are skilled in the commercial cleaning industry.  Business is all about time management and talent utilization.  Our customers find value in the outsourced commercial cleaning business because it saves them time and allows them to utilize their talent and skills where they are better monetized.  You see, a lawyer that is used to billing folks $250 per hour doesn’t want to spend an hour of their time cleaning their office for probably more reasons than just lost production or wages.  But given our equipment, experience, and passion for what we do, we can do the same office cleaning job in much less time than the attorney. This not only saves you time and money, it saves you A LOT of ruined dress clothes.  And remember, when you outsource your cleaning service to RGC Services you don’t have to worry about a tax liability but you do get a tax write-off!

When do you want us to work?
We work for you! Whenever you need us, we will make it happen.  We work days and nights even weekends!

What are the costs and how can we pay?
The question of all questions.  Every job is different and we truly do work with every budget. We are willing to devise a pricing structure or cleaning package that works best for you and your company.  Let us know what cleaning services you need via phone, email.  We truly want to earn your business and we will work diligently to ensure we meet your budget.  Furthermore, we accept cash, certified business checks, and all major credit cards.  For other billing options, please contact us by phone or email.

What to do next?
Well that’s pretty much it, now you know quite a bit about us, but we are dying to get to know you and your business, and help you meet your cleaning needs!

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